On this web site, you will find my tribute to the three men who have made and continue to make the path by which my life travels. These three men, Malcolm X, Gil Scott-Heron and Stevie Wonder, through their words and actions have been and will always be where I seek my knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

You will be able to link to all sorts of information, lyrics and other tidbits from this site as well as from other sites as they become available. I also welcome and encourage ANY information that you would like to add to this site.   Feel free to email me at the following address :

Since change is inevitable, so too will be the constant changes to this site. So, check back often for new information.

And remember : "if each one reach one, each one teach one." "Not anybody can do everything, but everybody can do a little something."

Hard To Find CD's - Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson Poll